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‘Gossypium’ is the scientific term used to name plants that produce cotton. The natural fibres are picked by hand from our Mother Earth. The fibres sprout from a very small seed that requires sun and plenty of water to survive. This fibre is commonly used all over the world. Cotton is unique, resistant to breakage and boiling water, compact, firm, etc… All of these characteristics have made cotton a product of great importance and fundamental to ‘mankind’.

Women share with cotton its strength, toughness and resistance; and it is men that have managed to turn them into another ‘product’. This project arises from this parallelism, which is a reflection of the use of a woman’s body as an object and the violence that it is subjected to.

The aesthetics I suggest in this project are simple, without social artifices; similarly to those artists from the avant-gardes, such as Dadaism and Futurism. Moholi Nagy focused on this perspective as well as Marcel Duchamp with his work “Fountain” which he developed from a urinal. Prior to these artists, Giorgo de Chirico also used similar techniques in his work with dummies or Man Ray who focused exclusively on the subject that was being photographed.