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The term identity hides a double meaning. What is identical is the same, a set of common features that links individuals or the community; but, indeed, those traits are at the same time what distinguishes one from the Other. In the Post Era -postmodernity, post-human, post-photographic, post-truth and a long etcetera-, any known concept is broken down into fragments, usually intangible, which we nevertheless need to join in order to count and provide substance to contemporaneity. The individualistic reality (con)fuses us in the willingness to explain and solve the different, inserting it into a normative chain and, finally, changing the diffe- rent into the same.

Berena Álvarez’s camera sneaks into the current New York, a sym- bol of modernity, finding multiple landscapes where everything seems to fit even though the pieces do not mind too much. How many times have we visited that city without even being there! Most of us have dreamed through images of the metropolis that never sleeps. Álvarez, trying to move away from the look that has been contaminated by the New York iconsphere, shoots to what is odd, to what is identifying, in a photographic drive that corro- borates the desire to know and decipher. But, New York, as the protagonist of the work of the artist, turns out to be like all the others. It has miseries, every day nature, thus, common gestures to all the metropolis.